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Classy and Natural – Wooden Blinds

Every time I think of purchasing new pillows for the couch or accents for the coffee table, I have to stop and think “now, will this go with my curtains?” If I cannot answer that question, I don’t leave the store with that item. If only I could switch up my window treatments as often as I want to re-do my living room.

There are so many options out there for window treatments. If you’re going for classy, sleek, natural or cozy, consider adding wooden blinds to your environment. Wood is typically associated with nature and thus can cozy up a room in a heartbeat, but it has also recently gained a reputation of classiness, making it oh so trendy.

Besides their natural beauty, there are many other advantages of using wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are very convenient, because they simply require a good dusting now and then rather than washing. And with their slats pulled down, wooden blinds can offer maximum sun protection. They are more durable than other varieties of blinds, and are made of sturdy materials that will look nice and new even after years of use.

There are different materials used in the manufacturing of wooden blinds such as fabrics, plastics and faux wood. Bass wood is a very popular material for wooden blinds. Depending on the style you choose, you could finally stop asking yourself “will this go with my curtains?”

There are different kinds of wooden blinds available on the market such as vertical blinds, woven blinds, mini blinds, etc. Each of these varieties caters to different surroundings and needs. If you have an odd sized or shaped window, then you might consider opting for ‘made to measure’ services. This ensures that you will get the best fitting for your blinds.

Curtains may be a price effective option at the moment, but do consider the countless designs, colors, and arrangements that would go well with wooden blinds for years to come. Available in various price ranges – choose the variety that best suits your budget and needs.

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Planning For Your Bay Windows

Home is sometimes a really abstract idea. But to some people, ‘home’ is that specific area in the house where they spend most of their time at. This is where they feel most comfortable and they always feel at their best here. This is of course of no connection to what you are doing. Might it be sitting all alone, reading a book or just looking at a certain view on the outside. This area may include a simple staircase, a memorable doorway or even just a small portion wherein there can be a soothing and beautiful view of the garden.  It can be a simple corridor wherein a little sunlight is allowed or a window area wherein a person can see the beautifully growing flowers in the backyard. Windows can be customized to allow some natural light from the sun in and this might prove to be a very wise decision since it can create a place wherein someone would like to spend a little bit of ‘me’ time.

One can see lots of panoramic views outside that may include tall green trees and flowers that may be in full bloom. You can seemingly just waste away your minutes while being lost in lots of thoughts and just listening to the different sounds of Mother Nature. Bay windows can prove to be a very welcome addition to a house that will efficiently enhance its aesthetic features. It can be used to regulate or in some cases maximize the amount of light that is being allowed to enter the house. Lots of factors are being considered when installing and choosing bay windows and some of them are as follows:

1.)    The most elementary factor is that a bay window must be installed at a height that is slightly lower than the head part.

2.)    There should be an exact measurement of windows as to now waste any materials.

3.)    You can go for many diverse and exquisite shapes.

4.)    In areas of strong winds, reinforced type of bay window is advised and recommended.

5.)    Materials should be made of aluminum, PVC and even fiberglass for strength and durability.

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Window Coverings To Liven Up A Room

Admit it or not, the least part of the room that you pay attention to whenever you want to renovate or rearrange are the windows. You dwell more on the wallpapers, the furniture, the flooring, the color and the theme. Little did you know that those square frames on the wall once decorated or designed can create a huge impact in the whole room itself. Say that this article is biased but yes it is indeed dedicated towards those windows who have always been there and has been taken for granted all this time when in fact, they are the ones that brightens up the entire place.

Most people take time to refurnish a room and match it with their personality as well as the purpose of that room. For example it is a kids room, then you can place animals on the walls and color it up brightly. If it is a for a teenage girl then you can put up flowers, ribbons and all those feminine stuff. However, one must make it a point to include the windows in your planning. You can match it with the carpet or the linens and sheets of the bed. There is such a thing as window treatments where you can center your time and effort on your windows. You can spend extravagantly on expensive blinds and curtains made of silk and velvet or you could be practical in making the most of what is available such as satin, muslin or chintz. Keep in mind that the price is not the first thing seen on your windows. But how it is made into something worth a conversation.

Aside from the design and style, there is also a very wide variety of colors you can choose from. You can go organized and put together using monochromatic colors or you can surprise the people entering the room by combining contrast and unexpected colors. If you opt for a modern feel  in your room, go for geometric designs for a more contemporary vibe. You can choose among rod pockets, tabbed top curtain, grommet tops and box pleat. The diversity of curtain tops can easily meet your needs. Or you can go vintage and settle with old but stylish ones just like the tradition pinch tops. The kinds of window coverings and treatments are just out there. With you creativity and sense of style, you will never go wrong.

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Valance For Your Window

Anyone can make any adjustments to their existing window decors by adding new treatments such as curtains, blinds and shades by utilizing a valance which can magnify any existing thermal and insulating feel. By limiting the exhaust of air, valances are good insulators that are a perfect fit on top of any window frame. People are using valances more often nowadays because aside from the fact that they bring vibrancy and able to complement any existing window and window coverings. This add-on also conceals the rod that suspends the curtains and shades.

It is wise for people to canvass first and browse through local stores before purchasing any set of cellular shades and valances. Some online blinds companies do give special offers and add a lot of options to choose from. Valances don’t cost that much since they are just a chunk of cloth that is designed to decorate and make window much more pleasant. Ready-made ones are ranging from 35-40 dollars per window but the custom ones may cost much more than that.

Customers can choose from the three types of valances available in the market, these are swag valances, the balloon and ascot. Ascot valances are of triangular shape and are hung over the rod and onto the chosen window. Ascot valances can bring a traditional feel into a contemporary looking interior design. The innate 3 folds are made up of up to 3 different colors that can make the interior tone a much colorful one. Balloon valances on the other hand are puffed up like ruffles which are made up of light material that are usually chosen to achieve a romantic and elegant feel. Swag valances are put over both the rod and the window.

When you have already decided about your material and valance design, you can proceed to measuring the measurements of your windows to be able to get the correct size. This will enable you to estimate well and have your purchases not be put into waste. Also, customer supports in hardware stores are much willing to help people in their purchases as to what they really need for their windows.

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Sheers – The Know-hows Of Using This Popular Window Treatment

Certain window coverings provide varying effects to your windows. Sheer curtains can be considered to be a good idea for lovely window treatments since they are mainly good insulators and filter any excess and unwanted sunlight that may enter a room; they also add softness to the existing frames of the window and also provide privacy.  They can be allowed to hang loose in order to cover a portion or even an entire window while being tied either in the center or side of a particular window. Some steps can be taken from this article when you choose to use sheers as a window treatment.

The first thing to bear in mind is that you must be able to discern a proper color scheme which can add or complement to the tone and motif of your room. In respect to colors, white is the most common and popular one to go for since white can blend with almost any color.  Another choice would be ivory or what people fondly call dirty-white. This can also blend well with other colors but at times it appears yellowish. On the other hand, plain white sheers can provide your room a country side effect to it.

If you go for darker colors like navy and burgundy, privacy is at its optimum level since they allow little or no lights to pass through. The next thing to consider is that, you must decide on the weight and the type of fabric of the sheers. Fabric is made up of cheap polyester that is listed to be airy and light in weight. Sheer fabrics that are widely-known in contemporary times include what experts and designers call the loose-weave cheese cloth.

The third thing to consider is determining the way the curtain will drape. A curtain can be allowed to hang loosely over an entire window. At night, people outside are able to see inside through the sheer. Several layers of sheers can be considered to make a much opaque effect.

Sheers are increasing in popularity as a window treatment. But several options are still available out there in the market.

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Window Roller Shutters

If you would like to sleep calmly through the evening, then it’s essential you adopt security measures to be able to provide safety to your home. Just one way of effectively getting your house secured is through the use of window roller shutters. Window roller shutters are not merely used for a practical advantage, this leads to an attractive turn to the house. These window shutters can give your house a nice-looking appearance while guarding it in the numerous situations associated with break-ins, theft and many other cases of burglary.

Window roller shutters definitely makes the security in your home look noticeable to show probable robbers and burglars how serious you are safeguarding your house. Window roller shutters will give you protection as well as the reassurance of an attractive-looking house.

Window roller shutters will even save money on the electricity used in providing security to your house as these kinds of window treatments can help filter the actual level of light you want inside your home.

Window roller shutters come in many designs and styles in the market today. You can have the choice of picking the right design and style to match the exteriors as well as the interior of the house. These shutters definitely provide ease to your house.

The most recent type of window roller shutters can be quickly slid wide open and closed without exerting so much energy. They will be the perfect selection for elderly people. These window treatments work as sun shades and still provide security as well. In contrast to past window roller shutters, the current ones will not contain hinges.

Window roller shutters make use of a variety of materials and you can choose from an assortment of wooden shutters, sturdy aluminum or plastic ones. Window shutters composed of aluminum is thought to be what people most commonly use. They present a mixture of style and strength, but steel is the best choice when it comes to materials. Steel can be packed with foam for sound insulation.

You’ll gain advantage from getting window roller shutters for your residence or workplace especially when you’re rooting for safety, insulation and personal privacy.

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Roman Shades – A New Beautiful Option For Your Windows

There are lots of window treatments that a person can choose from for his windows. They provide a feeling of warmth and elegance and are able to suit the different tastes and styles of people. They come in varying styles and features that give people a lot of options to choose from.  Also, these window treatments complement your existing decors at home. Websites provide much information regarding these home decorations. Buying them online would grant you ease and convenience as well as being able to save your money too.

These roman shades are pretty much available in varying patterns, colors, styles and textures. Shades that are flat in nature are suitable for that much needed clean look. Choosing flat fold or even the famous teardrop style will give much versatility to your windows as well as it perfectly suits your own choices and preferences. If a soothing and calming effect is what you need, you can go for a room-darkening type that can fully blackout the light coming from the outside. Other choices which can be considered are the continuous cord loop, top down and bottom up. Moreover, you are given the choice to choose among weaves that are made from linen and glass-like materials.

There are also lots of colors to choose from that will surely add life and vibrancy to your décor. There are different features and variations that are mainly designed and designated to fit people’s lifestyle and taste. Some roman shades exist in single form but other varieties include double roman shades that are constituted by two main parts that include front and back shade. The other one is an insulated type that is pretty much efficient in blocking off the bright light coming from the sun. With a little spray of creativity, one can design his own roman shades. Some people even add a classic touch that utilizes flowers that are dried or even just a wall that will surely provide a suitable place for the roman shade. Children’s rooms are also added color when roman shades are added.


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Vinyl Windows For Better Looking Rooms

Vinyl windows can make a home look more promising and you can save cash while at it. They accent windows and add flair and style. Radiant heat from the sun is less when high performance glass is being utilized, so protecting the room from the scorching heat with the use of heavy or lined window treatments is so yesterday.

Use window treatments in the bathroom for privacy and so it can provide with a less stark appearance. Most significantly, opt for materials that could endure high humidity from bath and shower use. Try going for water-resistant curtains, shades or shutters that you can put in the laundry or cleaned with minimal effort to keep build-up of dust or mildew at bay. Use interior light sources for brightening the room, instead of relying on the covered windows for sunlight.

Create an outstanding view and make the landscape or ocean as the focal point of the living room using vinyl windows. Window treatments must not block the view, but improve it. Sheer curtains under draperies with tieback curtains will blend with the overall décor of the room. To create a more open look, hang swags overtop the windows and allow them to drape down the sides. This is particularly ideal for bay windows and large open windows areas. A double jabot will help you achieve a similar look for a small or narrow window.

When it comes to bedroom windows, privacy and décor are the two main focal points. Opt for short curtains, long draperies, vertical blinds or any type of shades to decorate the window. Any of the ones mentioned can be opened or closed easily from day to night to provide privacy and regulation of light. A layered look of shades or blinds under the curtains or drapes with a tieback will cover all purposes. A basic tapestry or eclectic set-up of beads or wood is ideal for teenagers or children looking for some pizzazz.

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Window Shutters vs Curtains and Drapes

Lots of options in window coverings are being offered today by interior design and furniture companies. You can choose among blinders, shutters, drapes and the traditional curtains. Each provides advantages and disadvantages as well. For the most part, the final decision rests on a person’s personal preference. But if you need some second opinion regarding this matter, here are few areas of concern that you may want to hear and consider.

Improvements are often limited by budgets. So you must see to it that the desired amount of improvement can be achieved within budget constraints. This not only saves you money but it can also help add a certain potential value for your property.

You have to consider what types of windows are in need of covering. For example, older homes tend to have odd shapes and sizes for windows thus choosing a window covering can be a bit tricky and confusing. Lots of companies can provide you some insights and suggestions in what type of covers is appropriate for your windows.

Curtains and drapes are common things that cause allergy among family members within the household. Allergens such as dust can easily accumulate in drapes and curtains which always periodically require being cleaned weekly or monthly. In this case, shutters can be dusted in long intervals of time. Also specially designed duster can be made to access slats in these shutter and blinds.

This factor is oftentimes the reason why certain window covers are used. While curtains and drapes come in different designs and colors, window shutters are usually available in neutral colors that enable them to blend in to whatever design they are being put in conjunction with.

Lots of points and concerns are being considered when choosing window covers. These can add up to the property value as well as aesthetic value of your home interior. But we suggest that whatever decision you come up with it should put your mind at ease and be in congruence with your personal preference.

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Home Staging Tips For Your Window Treatments

Heed some of these home staging tips for your window treatment!

Go for light, airy treatments. Choose fabrics that are translucent, particularly for shades or sheers. They give you a certain level of privacy, sans completely blocking out the natural light and the view from outside world. If you happen to have a great view of the backyard, or other natural scenery, you want to highlight that to prospective buyers, so stay away from opaque or dark curtains or blinds as much as you can.

Neutral and contemporary fixtures are a good choice. For you to be able to appeal to as many distinct tastes and preferences of prospective home buyers, you want to go for window treatments that are modern and least distracting. Large thick curtain rods, or heavy cornices and valances may appear bulky and so 5 minutes ago. Clean lines that have minimalist designs look fresher and more modern. Loud designs and prints, such as animal type designs, zebra lines, polka dots, or floral prints are not very ideal for home staging since they are only good for some people’s taste but distracting to the rest.

Pre-packaged window treatments are ideal choices. Sewing or starting your own DIY projects for curtains and panels can a heck lot of fun, but not everyone has the spare time in between your day to day responsibilities and other home staging and selling matters. It is easier to visit your local home décor and improvement stores. Such retailers typically have packaged window treatments and décor available that you can buy and install all by yourself.

Blend into the general theme of the home décor. The best\ window treatments will go with the rest of the theme or décor of the rest of your house, rather than hogging attention. If you are going for subdued pastel hues for your living room, for example, window treatments should be light and quiet also, sine anything bright would be visually jarring and distract people who get to view them. Strike a balance between the colors and hues, and zero in on it.

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