Window Treatments Inside and Out

The video will be about window treatments. Everything you have to know about how you can design your own windows will be provided to you with this detailed video.

Our expert will talk about tons of things of what you have to remember when designing your own home. Also you will learn how you can create a brand new look, both inside and outside with TV’s Brooke Carlson gets some expert advice from designer Jen Adams.

Proper planning is crucial especially when giving your window another look. The video will show you how they redesigned their window and what they did to make it look great.

So enjoy and learn more about window treatments inside and out!

This weeks All in the Detail topic is Helpful Hints to Create Windows You Could Only Imagine. Windows not only determine how you look out into the world, they also set the mood for how you feel in a room. Functional, decorative, and architectural elements all play into your choice of fabrics and finishes and the proper fabric, measurements and hardware are essential to complete a perfect window treatment.
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