Window Treatments: Kids Style

Admittedly, being a kid is one of the nicest things to be. All you do is eat, sleep and play. No responsibilities, no hassles. Every parent should make sure that while their children are still at this point of their lives, it should be as memorable and as worth it as possible.Kids nowadays are more active and participative. It is also an effective parenting way to mold the children early on in life. They are given little tasks that would be easy for them to accomplish. In return, they are given simple rewards such as their favorite food, new toys or extended play time. One better way to expose the kids into tiny bits of chores is to have them help in building their room. First of all, it is theirs so it is but their job to maintain it. Second, they will be spending most of their time inside that room which is why it should be a place that they are really comfortable with.

First are themed curtains. You can opt for buying ready-made drapes or you can have it tailored for you. There is a variety of colors, designs and textures to choose from. Of course, pick one that will be appropriate for the concept of the room. Take for example a girls room, it is a safe choice to go for a fairy tale theme. Other options would include flowers, ribbons and several others. If it’s a boys room then you can go for cars, trucks and animals. Second are storage cornices. Kids have a lot of things going on. Aside from being a room design, it can also serve as extra storage area space. Third are roller shades. This is best for nurseries wherein you have control over the amount of light that enters the room. Fourth is by keeping things simple. Do not over decorate because doing so will just crowd the room. Opt for items that are washable and changeable. Last but not the least, keep it pleasant. Do away from striking colors or too much print.

Among several pieces that comprises a room, one fixture that poses a great impact are the window treatments. Of course every room should have a window. It is natural like that. These squares on the wall can be styled and designed at your expense. It creates a kind of feel and character to the room. Specifically for kids, here are a few proven and tested ideas that will surely tickle your fancy.