Economical Bathroom Window Treatments

If you want to have colorful windows, you can do so with economical window treatments. Window treatments need not be expensive. If you plan on re-designing the window you can perhaps take into account choosing the right materials that can improve your window view. The materials should not drain your wallet. You can also find materials that can look awesome but are very easy on the pocket. If you want a bathroom makeover, you can do so sans changing everything in the bathroom.

Go for white colored curtain with ball-fringe for the regal and vintage look of cottage bath. It will come with privacy if you’re the kind who wants to have good window view from your bathroom. You need not fully close the window but you can give view spot when you add flowers among the curtains. When you do add flowers in a good-looking vase, you can inject some fresh look into the window.

The flowers should certainly be in bright colors so you feel refreshed even when you just got into the bathroom. You can also go for ready-made valance that can come with privacy and bring warmth into the room. This valance will not go beyond 100$. You will still be able to spare money and get beautiful window decoration. By treating the window right and following no non-sense tips, you will be able to get fresh looking window that can make you feel refreshed after taking a bath.

If it’s window glass that you fancy, you can get adhesive papers. They will make the glass look like stained glass. This is way cheaper as compared to buying etched or stained glass. You can spare a lot more money but you will still be able to get decent windows in your bathroom. It  can be extra fun if you can have fresh bathroom renovation just by merely re-designing the window.

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