Environmentally Friendly Window Treatments

Homeowners who are environmentally minded are often unsure of their options when it comes to window treatments. The good news is, there are plenty of affordable, environmentally friendly window treatments for any style of home.

A couple of the most popular blinds and shades include bamboo window treatments, certain brands of roller and solar shades and cell shades. Cell shades are the best insulators, while solar and roller shades work well in warmer climates to block heat. Bamboo shades bring a unique, tropical look to any home.

Before buying any window treatments, owners should decide what look they want for their room and what will go best aesthetically with their current décor.

As well, they should consider what qualities they want in a window blind or shade. The following are a few I recommend:

Double Cell Shades will help reduce energy use, saving money while being easy on the earth. There are two brands, among others, which qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $2,000.00. They are the EnergyTrack and Comfortrack brands. The double cell shades are the ones you want to look for. Their one-of-a-kind sidetrack system insulates the sides as well as tops and bottoms of windows, making them up to five times more efficient at keeping warm air in and drafts out than single window panes.

Bamboo Shades are a sustainable resource. Because they grow pretty much anywhere, and have weed-like properties, they don’t need pesticides or fertilizers to help them grow. Most bamboo is rain fed, meaning no additional water is necessary which helps preserve our water resources, unlike cotton. There are a few different designs of bamboo. The Tavarua line has great quality shades with a variety of different looks. Choose from Woven Wood Shades, Sliding Panels, Roller Shades or Ring Drapery.

EcoGreen Roller and Solar Shades are 100% recyclable, keeping them out of landfills. They are manufactured with eco-friendly fabrics. As far as homes go, they can help reduce air conditioning bills, by blocking the sun’s glare and UV rays. The weave in roller and solar shades allow for enjoyment of views even when closed without the sun’s fading qualities. These window treatments also qualify towards LEED certification. They help promote energy performance, material and resource use and improve indoor environmental qualities.

The more people ask for and show interest in green window treatments, the more products that will come to market. While the options for window treatments now are good, if demand pushes for it, there might come a day when all window treatments are environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly doesn’t have to equal drab or boring, there are beautiful, tasteful styles of window coverings available now.

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