How do I take measurements for curtains that will be hung over vertical blinds?

Question by ninfragile19: How do I take measurements for curtains that will be hung over vertical blinds?
I have a sliding glass door in my living room that goes out to the deck. I recently hung vertical blinds over the door, but am looking to put up a curtain as well for extra light blocking and hopefully to trap in some heat.

What is the best way to measure for curtains so that there the curtains will be wide enough and tall enough?

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Answer by seamstress

First and foremost, you will need to get a curtain rod that has brackets to extend past the projection of the vertical blinds when they are tilted open. This projection can be up to five inches or more.

There are several curtain rods to consider, depending on the look you are after.If you go with a telescoping metal rod and use drapery rings in the header (top section) of the drapery, then the area where the rod telescopes will constantly catch on the rings, causing frustration when you open and close the drapes. In this case, take a piece of scotch tape and make a small “ramp” as you wrap the tape to build up the height and gradually eliminate the difference in rod thicknesses at the telescoping intersection. This scenario can be avoided if you use a wooden seamless rod.

A traverse rod is operated by pulling strings to open and close the drapes, usually with a pleated header, which are on little hooks that go into sliders in the rod.

A regular pole rod, whether it be metal or wooden, used with a pocket header, causes the drapery difficult to maneuver as it is pulled open and closed, usually causing tearing over the course of time.

Now, for measuring. Most sliders will take a standard 84 inch long curtain panel. Make sure your rod is hung correctly so it will accommodate draperies that are 84″ long so you do not have to go through the expense in having the drapery hemmed. For the fullness (left to right measurement), the drapery panels should equal two and a half times the rod length. I say rod length instead of slider width because you may select to install your rod slightly overlapping the wall as to have a place for the drapery to stack, allowing more sunlight into the room when the drapery is open.

I hope this information has been helpful in selecting the right application for your window treatment.

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