How do you make money doing interior decorating?

Question by k.berry86: How do you make money doing interior decorating?
I have always wanted to become an interior decorator and own my own business. But I wanted to know how the system works. How will i get paid? Do i have to hire contractors? Also Do i work off of commission of my jobs? I am strictly talking about running my own business. Thanks!

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Answer by eskie lover
Basically, you work for clients who hire you to do design projects. Essentially, we are manifesting who they are, how they live, where they have been and what they enjoy in their living or working spaces, but much of the time, we aren’t doing all of the work necessary to realize the design. Sometimes projects are simple, like designing a space that functions to fit a family’s lifestyle with no major construction. And sometimes you are managing a major remodel that must conform to codes which often require licensed, bonded and insured contractors. Sometimes compensation is hourly, like for flooring & window treatment, furniture and accessory shopping, sometimes it is by the project and still others you purchase goods at to the trade wholesale prices and you add your percentage. When you are involved in a major remodel, there are insurances you must carry, contractors and trades people you must hire and pay, permits to be pulled, fees to be paid, supplies you must purchase, etc. and all of these must be factored into the client’s budget all of the while keeping your own profit in mind. In these cases, after you complete the design, you really become the project manager supervising every step involved in realizing the design. Generally speaking, you get compensated in thirds with specific benchmarks completed to receive payment when working on major projects. When purchasing furniture to the trade, you pay for the furniture up front and are paid by the client after delivery, and you pay the tax to the state at the end of the year.

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