How to Choose Home Window Treatments

Decorating the windows in one’s house is one of the most important decisions for a homeowner. Home window treatments need to be chosen in such a way that they reflect the overall essence of the room. Apart from being a decorative item, such treatments are required to block out or filter sunlight, provide privacy and maintain the room temperature at a specific level by restricting the entry or exit of cool air. Some of the popularly used home window treatments are curtains, shades, blinds, shutters, drapes or a combination of these.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Home Window Treatments

A variety of home window treatments are available in the market but their suitability depends on several factors. Anyone wishing to dress up their windows needs to consider the following factors:

1. Need for Home Window Treatments: A decision about the type of window treatment depends on the needs of the houseowner.

A ground floor home or rooms that face the front of the house or are visible from the street need treatments that allow greater privacy. The need for privacy is lower in rooms located on the upper floors. Again, in case of rooms that get direct sunlight, window treatments should wither screen or block the intensity of sunlight if needed. Similarly, some windows may require thermal treatments to restrict the inflow of cold air.

2. The size, location and design of a window also play key roles in the choice. An awkwardly positioned window does not require attention catching treatment. Similarly, a beautifully designed window should not be overshadowed by its curtains or drapes.

3. The selected treatment should be in sync with the overall room d├ęcor. The style of your room or home plays a key role in the choice of fabrics and type of drapery. While pleated drapes look good in traditional homes, draperies ornamented with braids, and decorative rosettes may look good in contemporary styled homes.

4. One can experiment with various types of window dressing in certain places, like your bedroom or bathroom.

5. The windows of a child’s room need a focus on safety. So, choose the drapery accordingly.

6. Home window treatments should also be chosen keeping in mind the color, pattern and texture of the walls of the room. In case of brightly colored walls, home window treatments should be such that they complement the overall room. The color and design of the home window treatments should balance the overall ambience of the room.
Home window treatments that are selected after considering practical and decorative issues are bound to become an effective mode of displaying the homeowner’s overall personality and style. For all your home window treatment needs, visit, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a vast range of window and door treatment options.

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