Looking Beyond Window Coverings

In addition to the basics of providing various levels of privacy and illumination control, window coverings also function to complement or give a twist to the look of a room.  Since these can be present on the inside as well as outside of the room, they can deliver similar or varying results depending on the designer’s whim and fancy.

Most common of these external shields are wooden shutters.  Lending a touch of the Southern charm, there is nothing like the sight of plantation shutters adorning a house.  Bamboo chicks and roller-style blinds may not be directly attached to the casements whilst still providing the additional layer.

As their name suggests, the purpose is to somewhat provide some form of casing around the apertures concerned.  In fact, some window coverings may gear more towards the aesthetics as compared to the practical.  By adding draping fabrics to existing curtains, it imparts a feel of the more formal.  It is therefore not a wonder to see these types of decorative ideas being implemented in formal dining halls as compared to family rumpus rooms.  Cornices too are not spared from being applied onto window casements.  In addition to their core purpose of covering up unsightly wiring and concrete surfaces, they are also set up to emphasize the structure of the window.  No different from accentuating one’s eyebrows, this easily changes the look of a room without a repaint or wallpaper job.

On a different note, those of heavier materials help to manipulate noise penetration in addition to illumination control.  Whether it is to reduce traffic hum or minimize voices from leaching out, thick drapes perform a pretty good job.  Window coverings are also mainstays in some regions subject to temperamental weather conditions.  Whenever storm warnings are issued, many buildings get boarded up to protect lives and property.  Once lifted, the temporary shields are removed and it is back to business as usual.

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