Options For Arched Window Coverings

Arched windows will not only make your home more beautiful but also bring a lot of natural light in it. The thing you should think about is what kind of window treatments to use in order to show them off to their best advantage. Do you want to leave the arched portion of the window open so that you can get optimum light, or do you want to cover it with either a stationary or adjustable window treatment? Do you want it to be sheer or opaque? Are you looking to use the window treatment to insulate the window? When you choose arched window coverings, you need to consider about a few great options.

Some people don’t put any type of window covering over their arched window, because they feel it’s high enough that they won’t be bothered by privacy issues. If you live in a mild climate where heating and cooling aren’t problems, this can be an appropriate solution. If you live in the very hot and very cold regions of the country, however, you will probably want an arched window covering that will block the sun and insulate the window. Cellular shades and pleated window treatments are very common answers to these needs. They look lovely, and you can buy them to exactly fit the size of your arched window. Another choice would be to hang draperies over the entire window, arch and all.

There are adjustable window treatments available for arched windows, and these shades give you the option of having them open, closed, or anywhere in between. That way, when you want more light, you can open them completely for a totally unobstructed view. If you want secure privacy, all you have to do is close them. The entire operation is motorized and remote control for ease of use. They are available in only four colors right now, but the colors are neutral enough to allow them to fit into almost every decorating scheme.

For many years, the only choices for arched window coverings were closed shades or shutters. Now you will be able to find other options at your local home decorating store or online. Usually an arched window is a focal point of any room it’s in, and you’ll want to make the most of yours with an elegant window covering.

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