Q&A: Any ideas for window treatments in screened-in patio?

Question by okeydokey: Any ideas for window treatments in screened-in patio?
We completely screened in our back patio. There are 12 screen window sections top and bottom. Each pane measures 28″ x 36″. There is also a screen door added. Right now I have lace door panels on 2 of the top window sections using spring tension rods. The screen door also has a lace door panel. The other windows were completely covered on the exterior with 7ft outdoor rollup blinds. We want a little privacy and the lace curtains do OK. It gets a little dusty so we’d like to keep dust minimal from coming in. The rollup blinds are a pain and can only be worked from the outside plus they don’t hold up very well. There’s a roof overhang so very little rain comes in. Any decorating ideas for these windows?? Prefer a more contemporary look. Thanks so much in advance.
I forgot to mention that we did the floor in light earth tone linoleum. The wood was painted in a dark brown and ceiling is off white and the back wall is beige. I live in Hawaii so it can stay up all year round. Cost is no object. Love the creative & interesting ideas!

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Answer by musicimprovedme
How about shower curtains made of vinyl or water resistant fabric? They are pre-made for very reasonable cost and would work fine outdoors because they are meant to get wet. I would try shopping somewhere like Ross or a similar place…totally clearance rack!

The other thing I can think is some particularly heavy weight tulle or mosquito netting type material, you can buy huge volumes of it for little money, like a dollar or less per yard. If you scrunch it together it offers you the privacy you want, but still allows for light. You can get a soft color like a buttery yellow or a soft blue to bathe you in a sunshine or watery feeling color, or use white or cream.

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