Q&A: Any suggestions for window treatments on french doors??

Question by Michelle T: Any suggestions for window treatments on french doors??
We just bought a new house and there are two set of french doors that I am struggling to cover. We definitely want privacy, and I am not a fan of the gathered sheers. Thought about Roman shades but wasn’t sure about attaching a curtain rod directly to the door. And am trying to keep with in our budget…customs aren’t an option! PLEASE HELP!!!

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Answer by fluffycat1930
hi, i have these at my french doors, they look really contemporary and give privacy without losing the light, and i can still see my garden!


click on living and storage, then textiles, then curtains and blinds, they are called fringe curtains!

I have attached a rod to mine with no problems!

These look much nicer than the picture, but thought it might give you an idea!

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