Q&A: Are there unspoken rules for matching window treatments?

Question by pittsburgh-girl: Are there unspoken rules for matching window treatments?
I just bought a house where the previous owners left nothing on the windows. No drapes, curtains, blinds, etc. The front of the house has arched windows, the back standard rectangle. Should all the windows facing one direction be the same color from the outside? Should they be the same style (ie: Roman shades, vinyl blinds, etc.) And how do I hang blinds from those arched windows?

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Answer by timmy
There are no rules, although I prefer all the windows on one side of the house to look uniform, like all woods blinds, romans, etc.

Or if you are using a combo of blinds and drapes, I like at least the base to be the same.

If all the wood trim is the same in the house I think its nice to keep the window treatments the same too.

As far as the arched, you can get custom fit treatments, but I’ve never seen any that look good. I’d start the treatment under the arch.

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