Revamping Your Windows

Gone are the days when windows are mere openings to ventilate the room. They can be artistically designed now to give oomph to your humble home. Interesting ideas for home treatment that suit your discriminating taste used to be hard to come by, but not anymore.

Tacky drapery designs are so five minutes ago. Today, you will see more stylishly framed window that give elegance to your home décor. Window treatments are also beneficial for your pocket in a sense that you get to control the sunlight that comes in. That way, you control the temperature inside your house, thus lowering your utility bills.

Woven wood shades for your windows that are composed of natural materials are extremely attractive. They come in an

array of styles and colors. They give your humble abode a refreshing makeover.

Give your windows a touch of chicness with classy trims, beaded details, and glossy hardware. Floral prints that are tastefully blended with the elegant look of fabrics like suede, velvet, silk, and wool will give a stunning look to your windows.

Many people nowadays put a premium on the environment, so recycling is always put to practice now. Stained lace curtains or used lace table cloths could look sensational if you dye it with the liquor you extract from tea leaves. You will be able to come up with colored curtain with a creative touch, and not to mention, personal touch.

Blinds will always be a reminder of the old world charm. Wooden blinds that have old fashioned look to them are still in style as homeowners still go crazy about the warm tones of the wood. Plus, they go along well with the rest of the décor.

Those depleted old curtains can still be resurrected by putting some silk floral garland which matches the rest of the interior in the room. Stained glass wind chimes or stained glass panels could be an excellent option if you want to alter the color of the light that seeps into the room.

Window treatments are treated as treasure by many homeowners nowadays. They are picked meticulously to complement the home decor.

A lot of new trends are in the market today, and they all offer a unique way to bring a creative edge to your room. Heed some of these window treatment tips, and make your home a comfortable and eye-soothing place to live in.

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