Revamping Your Windows with Sheers

Sheer curtains are always lovely for your windows. They can help filter the amount of sunlight creeping in to your home. Also, they inject softness to your windows’ frame. Of course, privacy is given. You have the freedom  to let them hang loosely to have your entire window covered, or you can have them tied to the side or place it in the window’s center.

The first thing you must do is select a color for your curtains. Opt for one that would complement the room’s décor. White is the go-to color of many. It is a well-loved color due to the fact that it lets light pass through and is complementary to just about any color. Ivory or off-white is another popular choice. However, they somehow give a yellow effect to a certain room. Additionally, plain white sheers have that country vibe many people dig.

Moreover, pastel sheer colors like blue and pink may oftentimes appear white unless you put them beside objects that have a solid white for color. On the other hand, if you go for darker ones like and navy and burgundy, even if they allow passage of light, it’s kind of hard to see through the sheer.

Another thing to take into consideration is the weight and fabric of the sheers. Fabrics are made available through affordable polyester, and they are known for being lightweight and airy. Lightweight cottons and linens are also a great option. They are perfect for rooms that are sunny. Another thing that may get your interest when it comes to sheer fabric is the loose-weave cheesecloth.

How your sheer curtain will drape is another thing to take into account. Though they can give you privacy at daytime, people can see inside through it. You can take into consideration opting for layer under the drapes when you want more privacy. Sheers are very popular as window treatment these days. You can even find them online.