Timber Windows

The beauty of timber windows are unmatched by PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows. The natural elegance of it may actually be varnished or stained in order for the wood grain properties to be kept unchanged or intact. Subtle paint can be used as a finishing touch to come up with an even more attractive and unique look.

The design is yet another advantage of a timber window. And because of its solid timber profile, they are used by a lot of people. The timber window can endure far better than a PVC window, thus making it a perfect choice if you are looking for sturdy windows. Timber windows can be more easily repaired as compared to PVC alternatives, and since windows are considered as a long-term investment, this is an ideal choice. If you take care of it well enough, it can last for a very long time.

If you’re the environment-friendly type, opt for timber windows are an intelligent option because of its sustainability. The vast majority of the timbers utilized in the manufacturing industry hold accreditation to verify that they are from a source with good reputation. It contributes to the peace of mind to learn that such windows have had only a little impact on the ecosystem.

Put in the proper glazing option to timber windows and they may be an extremely power-efficient choice. Aside from its power efficiency, it can actually give a return to the initial investment of a timber window project as well.

For heritage areas, planning committees opt for timber windows because of the traditional look and feel. An array of heritage window styles is being produced to date which includes the ever well-liked sash sliding timber window. More to these, they are an excellent choice because of their customizable design.

A lot of window styles may be made with a vast selection of accessories like locking mechanisms, restrictors, handles and fasteners. Such windows may even be designed so that they mix in with existing products to have an even more cost-effective project for extensions or a replacement window.

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