Types Of Windows

A good house contains good features, including windows. The word ‘window’ can refer to see-through opening in a house’s door or wall which, if not blocked, lets light, air and sound come through.

These openings are normally enclosed with different translucent materials, namely float glass. Half-glazed windows were initially seen in Scotland by the 17th century.

In the cotemporary times, when you say windows, an array of aperture-structures in various designs comes into mind. Sash windows are pretty much one of the most popular types of windows ever since. But over time, other types of aperture-structures have emerged and are gaining more and more popularity.

Picture windows are among the types of windows that are mostly used these days. They are perfect for places where a significant amount of sunlight and air is needed. However, it doesn’t work for people who are easily distracted by the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It’s ideal for spacious and huge living or dining areas, and even bedrooms, depending on its location. Picture windows are a hit to many homeowners because of the classic and elegant look it gives.

Double-hung sash windows have always been used by British households. These windows are usually built-in with shutters along with ‘simplex hinges’ so the casements are locked on one side.

Another type of windows is awning windows and many households in America are huge fans of its wonderful features and design. They pave way for good ventilation and sunlight can enter the house. They have multipoint locks that make them all the more functional for the house.

Bay windows are perfect if you are looking to have an unobstructed view of the outside world, they never fail to enhance the beauty of any space.

There are numerous types of windows that are not even mentioned here. Know what type yours is, so you’d know what to say if the saleslady when you’re purchasing window treatments.

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