What are the standard lengths of drapery window treatments?

Question by Tessalove2: What are the standard lengths of drapery window treatments?
I am trying to outfit my windows with drapery however I am not looking into custom for financial reasons. I would like to order some drapes or get them off the shelf however I am looking for something in the range of 50-54ish inches in length and only seem to find either old school kitchen window tier sets or drapery in lengths of 84″ and up. Does what I am looking for not exist in the standard world or is there an alternate key word I should be using for “short drapes”?

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Answer by Lisa
In interior design now we are seeing the drapery rods are raised quite a bit higher, some as far as where the wall and ceiling meet. It does create a dramatic effect. 84″ is what you will find off the rack, and sometimes custom ordering is not for everyone’s pocket book. Have you considered using the 84″ length and getting creative with the various hardware that is on the market that you could tie in a fashion that would relieve some of the unwanted length?? I have used this length and tied the painels 1/3 of the way from the bottom in large knots. I did this in a Tuscan kitchen theme I had done, it was not gender specific. Turned out great.

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