What color should my curtains be?

Question by Anissa: What color should my curtains be?
I have a purple sofa and chair. The walls have been painted a cream (off-white) color. I have a sliding glass door, which is the only place that needs a window treatment in the room. Besides the purple furniture, I have no other furniture in the room yet and I haven’t decided on a color scheme. What color should the curtains be?
I don’t have carpet in the basement. I have a brown linoleum floor. I plan to purchase an area rug.

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Answer by M. D
Depending on what shade of purple your curtains are, you can go with a variety of colors. The easiest way to do this, is go to the paint store, (or even sherwin williams online) and find something close to your couch color on the little paint cards (or the closest thing). Then look for the booklet that shows the colors that the purple matches best with. Home Depot even has this in the paint section. You can then pick and a color from there. If your couch is a solid, I would use a patterned curtain to break up the color a little (stripes or flowers or dots) I like the idea of a curtain with a little orange in them. I wouldnt use cream, too plain for someone with a purple couch.

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