What color should window treatments be in kitchen?

Question by Jazzy33: What color should window treatments be in kitchen?
I just painted my walls in the kitchen an apache clay color (it’s basically a color between deep mauve and milk chocolate – kind of a brown/purple tone). I have dark oak colored cabinets and white appliances. I think I will be making my own roman shades, so I need ideas on what color fabrics to look for. Thanks 🙂

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Answer by brat3992
It sounds like the kitchen is somewhat dark and needs to be brightened up. I would use a white material with a tiny pattern, flowers possibly, to match to wall color. This will tie in the white from the appliances and the dark cabinet and paint. If you could find this material, you could also use it to make napkins, place mats, liners in baskets, or chair pads, something to accent and brighten up the room even more.

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