What kind of window treatment should I use for these windows?

Question by Lady25: What kind of window treatment should I use for these windows?
I have three windows right next to each other in my living room and i don’t know what type of window treatment to use. A single rod straight across the top of all three and shears along side of each window??? I dont know what would look right. I have included a link (below) of pictures of my living room as well as these three windows. Please tell me what you think.


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Answer by Amber S
I have very similar windows in my living room. What I did was, a valance all the way across the top of all 3 windows, and static drapes to the floor on the outside side of the 2 windows on the ends. It looks very nice and finished.
I would not do fabric on the side of each individual window because they’re so close together, you’d end up with more fabric than window showing. Since you have blinds, drapes are more decorative than useful anyway.

Because the furniture in that room is so dark, I’d go with a lighter color for the drapes. A champange, Ivory, or a Light tan (lighter than the wall color) would all look lovely. You might also be able to use a sage green if it coordinates with the greens in the painting above the sofa. Something like watered silk would be very elegant.

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