What type of window treatments would you recommend?

Question by twinmom: What type of window treatments would you recommend?
for the back windows of the first floor of my house? I have a long line of windows that extends from the dining room, which is a bay window, to the kitchen, and then to the family room. It’s an open floor plan so you can see the windows from one room to the next, and the windows treatments need to work together. The house faces west so the morning sun shines directly into these windows, so I need something that blocks or filters light, yet, my young children play on the deck outside the kitchen so I can’t obstruct the view. I am worried regular blinds will block the view from the kitchen too much. I need suggestions for blinds, shades or drapes. We have priced out plantation shutters and I’m not sure about them because of the cost and they may partially obstruct the view.

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Answer by DecoDiva
Wood blinds or faux wood blinds. Then hang narrow drapes from the top of the window molding to the floor, only in the areas between the blinds, to give it a decorative touch without obstructing the view. Go with a color and design for the drapes that will give you good flow between the three rooms.
Tilt the blinds in each room as needed for light or sun control. If you don’t close the blinds completely, but only part way, you should still be able to see outside to see the kids.

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