What’s “in” for bay window treatments?

Question by I Sprout A Blueberry: What’s “in” for bay window treatments?
I have two bay windows in my new home – there are temp. paper shades up right now to keep the peepers out. What’s the ‘in’ thing to do with treatments? Shades over each window and a valance on the inside, just a valance? Shades with no valance?

I’ve been snooping at other people’s windows looking for an idea and can’t seem to find any consistency. The only thing I definitely do not like is vertical blinds.

Any thoughts?

By the way – the windows are positioned in such a way that we need a little privacy, but not total coverage.

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Answer by Kareā™„Bear
I have one in my kitchen – and here is what I have done:

I have ivory sheer 24″ L panels that I have shirred onto inside tension mount rods. I can open and close them by hand.

For a valance, I change with the seasons. For winter, I get a strand of natural looking red berries on a grapevine strand and string them mostly across the middle window and over lapping on each side window! I do the same with the other 3 seasons: Right now, I have a garland of spring flowers.

I wanted the window treatments to be minimal because my window is so pretty. ( I am sure yours are too!).

If it’s a living room or dining room and you have fairly common sizes, I think that an inside mount roman shade looks pretty. Of course, custom would be beautiful, or if you sew maybe you could really be creative. Get some window treatment books from your library (there are tons!). In the index there is usually a section for bay or bow windows.

Good luck. (also, I found the bay window treatment rod very frustrating to use plus I didn’t want to put holes in the wood- they do sell them at JCPenney).

also, check out check out countrycurtains.com for window treatments. They are not too pricey.

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