Where can I by window treatments for a small window?

Question by Kristin Flynn: Where can I by window treatments for a small window?
My husband and I are doing our kitchen right now. We are going to paint the walls a medium green color. I guess it would be in the pastel colors family. The only window in the room is above the sink so it is one of those really short ones. Does anyone know where we can get something that would work there? Thanks!

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Answer by magicbird
Best/least expensive way to go is through HomeDepot or the like. Go this route first. Remember too that kitchen window treatments often get the most grease/steam/moisture on them.

Length isn’t usually a problem, it’s width. But even with width you can sometimes cut them smaller.

I’m talking about Venetian blinds at this point, but that’s pretty much where you have to start anyway. The curtains can come later. I’d stick with white or off-white venetian blinds because you might change your mind about the color of your kitchen in a couple of years and the green ones will be useless if you do.

We have pale green/neutral paint in our new den but we bought white venetian blinds inserts for our Pella windows. They look just fine. We aren’t going to bother with curtains for this particular room, they’d simply look too busy and they’d catch the rain on those days when we opened the glass and just left the screen door open.

For ideas, GO TO REALTOR.COM and look at the ‘most expensive homes’–they usually show 12 pictures of each home. You’ll get ideas that way.

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